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C.D. Van Cleave

Senior Pastor
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A native of Queens NY, he joined the United States Navy in 1997-2001, and came to the Lord in 1999. In 2003, the Lord began to confirm to PD that his purpose was to become a pastor and faithfully teach the Word of God to sheep without a shepherd. The Lord began to develop this calling through the ministry over the next several years. From serving on the prayer team, audiovisual support, worship team, marriage ministry, women’s ministry, and teaching bible studies. In May of 2013, the Senior Pastor and the pastoral staff of Calvary Chapel Breath of Life, Maryland, laid their hands on PD confirming the Lord’s call already at work in his life, and thus, establishing him as an Associate Pastor of the church.


In October of 2014, as an act of obedience and faith he resigned his job, packed the car, and set out for Valdosta GA. While signing the lease to rent his home in Maryland, having never met the renters prior to this time, they asked him where were they moving to. PD gave a vague response by only saying Georgia. To this, the renters said you should check out Valdosta. Both he and his wife were astonished and became resolute because out of thousands of cities in the US, they mentioned the exact city they were headed to. This conversation would later serve as staunch reminder of the Lord’s help and guidance in the journey [1 Samuel 7:12].


In his spare time, he enjoys road biking, bowling, spending time with the fam, and ultimately doing the work of a Pastor. He and his wife, Keneshia, have been married since January 2000. They have four children: Shanna, Tim, Aaron, and Justus.


His life verse is 2 Corinthians 3:3.

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