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About us

Calvary Chapel Valdosta was established in August of 2015.

Calvary Chapel Valdosta is work born out of prayer. The church existed in the mid 90s as store-front bible study that closed its doors in 1999. However, that would not mark the end of the church in Valdosta as the pastor began to pray for the Lord to send another person to continue where they left off.

Fast forward 15 years later, Pastor C.D. Van Cleave was an associate pastor at Calvary Chapel Breath of Life, Maryland, who responded to the call. In 2014, Pastor Deshawn and his family launched out into the deep to fulfill the ministry in Valdosta. The church began as a small bible study in his home simply teaching the Word simply to sheep without a shepherd.


As a church we are committed to 3 essential things.

  • Diligently teach the bible simply to build up His people.


  • Develop lasting relationships through fellowship and prayer.


  • Do the work of an evangelist to reach sheep without a shepherd.

We welcome you to join us on this amazing journey!

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