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Calvary Chapel Valdosta exists for the purpose of reaching weary, scattered, and aimless people [sheep without a shepherd] in a city without limits. [Matthew 9:36 / Mark 6:34]

We believe the Bible refers to us, people, as sheep because like sheep we each have an innate need for a Shepherd [Isaiah 53:6]. In Mark 6:34, when the Lord Jesus Christ encountered people who were weary, scattered, and aimless [sheep without a shepherd], his first response was that of compassion or grace towards them because of their condition. His second response revealed the remedy for their condition, and it wasn’t that which only satisfies the physical man but that which satisfies the spiritual man – he taught them many things. The Shepherd knew that the weary, scattered, and aimless [sheep without a shepherd] needed to be sustained not just by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God [Matthew 4:4]. It is through this exchange of grace that the sheep grow healthy and feel secured in the Shepherd’s grip.

Therefore, our mission to reach the weary, scattered, and aimless [sheep without a shepherd] in Valdosta is three-fold: Extend a hand of grace, teach the Word for growth, and abide in the Shepherd’s grip.

Join our worship services

Visit us on Sundays at 10AM

Our Sunday services are designed to challenge and enrich your faith through congregational singing, systematic study (verse by verse) of the Scriptures, and congregational prayer.


What to expect

We would love to have you and your family join us this Sunday. Here is what you can expect:

  • Services are around 1.5 hours, including a time of worship, teaching, and prayer requests

Every Week

Sunday Morning: 10AM

Wednesday Evening: 7PM

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