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Our Vision

Calvary Chapel Valdosta exists for the purpose of reaching sheep without a shepherd as illustrated in Mark 6:34.

The Bible refers to people as sheep because, like sheep, we tend to go astray and need to be led by a Shepherd [Isaiah 53:6]. In Mark 6:34, when the Chief shepherd encountered sheep without a shepherd, his first response was compassion towards them because of their weary condition. His second response revealed the cure for their condition, and it wasn’t that which only satisfies the physical man but that which satisfies the spiritual man – he taught them many things.


In the philosophy of the Calvary Chapel movement, we seek to be a Spirit-led church that is committed to the Holy scriptures in order to connect sheep without a shepherd to Jesus Christ our Chief shepherd. In time, we would love for the Lord to expand our ministry to other cities that lack sound teaching from the word of God.

Calvary Chapel Valdosta is affiliated with the Calvary Chapel Association.

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